About the Company

History of factory Vasar dates back to 1898, when nail production started in Tallinn. After several mergers over the years with various metal workshops, in 1969 the production corporation Vasar was founded and at the same era also the brand VASAR was born.

Today Vasar Ltd. is the largest provider of electroplating coatingsin Estonia, covering a wide range of coatings including zinc, copper, nickel, chromium, tin, aluminum chromating. Depending on customer needs, galvanic processes are continuously modernized and new processes are introduced.

For offering integrated complete solutions for our customers, we are able provide powder painting, forming and welding, aluminum and zinc alloy die-casting, vibration processing and manual polishing.

ISO 9001 2015 Quality management system
ISO 14001 2015 Environmental management system
EVS 18001 2007 occupational health and safety management system 2019