Electrolytic tinning on racks

The advantages of tin plating are good corrosion protection, treatability and suitability for soldering. Also thanks to its low shear resistance, it is used mostly in the electrical and electronics industry. Under the tin coating, copper or nickel intermediate layer (3 to 6 μm) is used, which prevents mixing of the base material with the coating.


Tin plating on racks:

Coating thickness: 4 to 20 microns
Coated surface finish: glossy
Maximum dimensions of the plated objects: 3100x1000x250
Max weight of the parts plated: 50 kg
Materials to be plated: copper, pre-treated steel (steel-copper-tin, steel-nickel-tin)

Electroplated coatings of tin — Specification and test methods (ISO 2093:1986)

Tin can be also melted after coating. Tin could be typically well soldered. Usually the possibility to use a soft solder is affected by a long storage period, or poor weather conditions. For this reason tin coating material may also be passivated.